We are excited to announce our partnership with First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Through their “The Greater Good” project, they have raised over $75,000 - a portion of which goes to the San Jose Project!

It’s an all-church community endeavor, to bring meaning back to the holidays and tap into the strength and power of the spirit of the season. Each of us is asked to tally what we spend on the holiday season from: presents, wrappings, trimmings, travel, food and entertainment. Then take that number and cut it in half, and contribute that to a project at the church - a gift to the Greater Good. In 2006 we collected $79,000, and in 2007 $72,500, from members and friends of the church and members of the larger community. These contributions remind us of needs greater than our own and sure made “living simply so others can simply live” worth the effort and small sacrifice!