AAFP Global Health Conference 2013 - Baltimore

Title Presenters
Separating Fact From Fiction: What non-fiction works best for a residency global health book club Stephen Schultz, MD
Colleen Loo-Gross, MD, MPH
Passing the Baton: Residency education for ongoing global health initiatives Barbara Gawinski, PhD
Laurie Stannard, NP, DNP
Jennette Hathorn, DO
Improving Health Outcomes in Rural Honduras by Working Outside the Medical Comfort Zone Douglas Stockman, MD
Colleen Loo-Gross, MD, MPH
The Global Gamut: Development of the Global Health Pathway at the University of Rochester School of Medicine Elizabeth Brown, MD, MPH
Sabrina MacDuff, MS4
Dara Mendelsohn, MS4
Mary Walsh, MS4
Poster: Microfinance Lindsay Phillips, MD
Robbyn Upham, MD
Jean Hamlin, MD