PhotoJournal From Brigades


Photo Journal May 2016 Honduras Trip

Nidun with mother and child in clinic

Vicky seeing a patient with Cinthia interpreting

Nidun and others assessing a drunk man
with a sprained ankle

Nidun as dentist, with Lina teaching

Nidun and Melissa working with
microfinance community board

Vicky explains neonatal resuscitation
to patera group

Kindergarten building in Portillon,
with class in session

Closeup of the Portillon kinder benches and desks

Community members carry 100 lb bags
of cement over the mountain trails

Carrying firewood requires huge amounts of
work, and must be done if one wants to eat


View from the clinic

Volunteer house where brigade members stay.
12 people shared this 750 sf space

With 12 people in a small space, group
brushing/flossing is a common occurrence

Julie performing shoulder injection

Sue and Cinthia ready to check more patient in

Vicky and Julie working in the
well-stocked pharmacy

Group working hard while sitting in
the eating/meeting area

Group presents a skit to the microfinance class

Bob surrounded by children, the Pied Piper
of San Jose

2016 Scholar recipients


Portillon Junior High School classroom

Another view of community members
carrying bags of cement

Even children must work hard carrying firewood.  
Try getting your kids to work this hard.


Sunset overlooking mountains on a humid day

People relaxing on the volunteer house
porch at the end of a day

Group toilet and bathing accomodations. Water
bucket is for flushing (when there is water)