Scholarship Program

How will the intervention help?

  • The vast majority of children in the San Jose area never have the chance to attend school beyond the government-mandated 6th grade. Prior to our interventions, only five out of over 100 6th grade graduates attended 7th grade. The cost of going to middle school is prohibitive for almost every family.
  • Without an advanced education (beyond 6th grade), the people of San Jose will not be able to get jobs that pay and will stay poor for the foreseeable future.

What is involved with the project?

  • Identify graduating students who have the best chance for academic success and are financially unable to attend middle school. This is a lengthy process whereby input is gathered from area teachers, home surveys and completion of application materials. Most parents cannot read so completion of the application material is a test of the student's ability to read and write.
  • A selection committee chooses the top 12 students (number limited by finances and to a lesser extent the number of qualified applicants)
  • Housing needs to be found for some students who live more than a three hour walk away from the school.
  • Interval reports from the students, parents and middle school teachers.

Required Materials

  • Money for books, uniforms and supplies
  • Time and energy to complete the application and follow up process

Total monetary cost

About $400 per student per year





Scholarship recipient with her family in front of their home
First year of scholarship recipients and their parents.