Potters For Peace Water Filter

How will the intervention help?

  • Purify drinking water contaminated with bacteria from stool and soil
  • Reduce diarrhea and diarrhea-associated deaths, especially in children

What is involved with the project?

  • Obtain Potters for Peace clay pot filters and transport to the area. We have located a small Honduran-run shop that produces these filters that look like clay pots.
  • Educate people about the benefits of purifying drinking water. Many people do not believe their water in contaminated and do not understand the link between contaminated water and diarrhea in their children. One of the best interventions to convince people their water is contaminated is to perform petri-dish testing of their water and show them the petri-dish full of bacterial contamination
  • Educate people how to use and maintain the Potters for Peace filter. This step is most important. When people are not adequately trained, there is no benefit from using the filter.

Required Materials

  • Potters for Peace filter
  • Small amount of bleach to perform initial cleaning of the plastic bucket.
  • Petri-dishes and other water testing equipment

Total monetary cost

  • Approximately $35. Shipping and breakage can increase price

Petri-dish demonstrates coliform-contaminated water   Showing petri dishs to local women
Coliform (bacteria from stool) counts from area water sources that people use for drinking. The lowest coliform count is from the la Calera piped water project, even without water filtering/treatment. Just creating the piped system and protecting the water source from contamination can significantly help reduce coliform counts. In the US, acceptable coliform counts are 0 (zero). In developing countries, a coliform count of up to 10 is considered acceptable.  Coliform counts from San Jose water sources range from about 10 to over 1,000 per 100 ml.   Women view the petri-dishes showing how contaminated their drinking water really is.
PfP demonstration class   Happy mother with PfP filter
Mateo teaching class on proper filter use   Happy lady with new Potters for Peace water filter.