How will the intervention help?

Traditional cook stove

  • No chimney results in significant smoke exposure – this exacerbates existing asthma disease burden and may lead to chronic lung disease
  • Inefficient – traditional cook stoves require much more wood than does an improved cook stove. This means women and children must expend large amounts of calories and time collecting firewood.
  • Increased burn risk – given the increased exposure to the fire, children are more likely to get burned.

Improved cook stove

  • Chimney reduces smoke exposure
  • By controlling air flow, significantly less firewood is needed
  • Reduced burn risk because less exposure to the fire

Required Materials

  • Wood form
  • Locally harvested and prepared mud
  • Plancha – flat metal plate cooking surface, approximately 2 ft x 3 ft.
  • Chimney and rain cover
  • Metal can as form for chimney attachment

Building Process

  • Create a platform out of adobe and mud
  • Install form
  • Form doorway for wood out of 3 adobe bricks
  • Fill form with mud
  • Install chimney and plancha
  • Allow to cure for at least 48 hours

Total Monetary Cost

  • $65 per stove, depending on amount of chimney pipe required
  • Honduran provides all local materials, unskilled labor and 15% of monetary cost

How Can You Help?

  • Donate funds to purchase the required materials.  $65 US will improve the health of the cook stove family in a long term manner.





Photo Gallery


Woman carrying firewood

Carrying firewood up and down mountain sides takes huge amounts of time and calories. Improved cookstoves reduce the amount of wood needed, and therefore, reduces the number of trips made each week.


Traditional cookstove

Above is a photo of a traditional cookstove.  These stoves make the inside of the house full of smoke that burns the eyes and causes breathing problems.  They also require more wood and are a burn risk for children.


Class on building a cookstove

People learn by doing, especially in a community where literacy is a luxury.  The photo above shows people learning how to build the improved cookstove by actually building one.  This knowledge also helps the owner of the stove repair it as parts wear out.


Improved cookstove

Pictured above is a completed improved cookstove.  There is almost no smoke in the house.  The once blackened walls can be whitewashed to improve the brightness of the kitchen and one's eyes do not sting while cooking.  The limited exposure to open flames reduces the risk for burns.  All these positives help explain why cookstoves are one of the most sought after interventions.