Food Distribution 2020

Successful Food Distribution to the Most-Needy in San Jose (June 2020)

We are happy to report that we have distributed about 11,000 pounds of food to 293 of the most needy people in San Jose. Single moms, the elderly, and the very poor were the targets of our assistance. This distribution of food should help them get through the difficult times created by the lock-down due to COVID-19. Let us take a step back though.

We received reports that many people in the San Jose area were unable to get food for their daily meals. When we in Rochester heard this, we looked into how to help the most needy. We found that one contributing factor to the increasing hunger was that day laborers were unable to find work and, therefore, did not have money to buy food. Possibly a larger contributor was the difficulty in having access to food due to a country-wide lock down. In contrast to the US approach, Honduras has combated the spread of the virus by curtailing all unnecessary travel around the country. Paulet, the Honduran interpreter helping to organize the food distribution, offers a great example of what this lock-down means. Given that she was traveling from outside the area and into the San Jose area, Paulet had to request permission from the police and get signatures from 6 different government officials before being allowed to travel to San Jose. Upon her return home, she is now required to self quarantine for 2 weeks. The positive outcome from this lock-down approach is that there have been no reported cases to date of COVID-19 in the San Jose area. We hope this COVID-free status continues.

San Jose Partners worked together with Barbara Gawinski and the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, Paulet, Grace Hope Missionaries, Rony Amaya (Portillon teacher and administrator), and individual donors to make this food distribution a reality. Below is a link to the video created by the Grace Hope Missionaries staff of the food distribution.  We appreciate the role everyone played to help the less fortunate of San Jose. Hopefully the farmers of San Jose will have a good harvest this year that can sustain them until the end of the lock-down.

As would be expected, making a project of this size happen from 4,000 miles away was no small feat and required the skills and hard work of everyone involved. Thanks to everyone for their support! Hopefully we can be back in San Jose this Fall.

Food Distribution Video

Doug Stockman & Barbara Gawinski