Fall 2017 Trip Photos

Sonya, with Paulet interpreting, helping a patient understand how to take a medication correctly.

Carol and Rashida helping a class work on a project through the Unitarian Church of Rochester

2017 Scholars from the San Jose area

Sophina working with young women on health issues related to puberty and keeping oneself safe.

Angel Flores, a local farmer, explains to Doug where his farm begins and ends.  

Alex poses with some of Angel's coffe plants as the fruit approaches harvest time.  The majority of local people must travel around central America from November - January picking coffee.  This is when they make enough money to get through the year. A good picker can make about $7 US/day.


Rashida helps a woman who is paying back her micro-loan.

Examples of some of the drawings the children made.  These will be taken back to Rochester and shared with children from the Unitarian Church.

Tomas is a young man with disabling schizophrenia.  He had not bathed in months or had clean clothes.  A few members of the group got him to bathe and gave him new clothes to wear.  A touch of kindness goes a long way.  

On those really hard days at work, just be thankful you do not have to carry this load of wood up a mountainside 2-3 times a week just so you can cook your meals.  

Angel has planted 16,000 coffe seedlings and hopes to sell them this coming April.  

A little big of Angel's coffee on the ground drying.
Angel was an illegal immigrant in the US for a few years.  He was able to save enough money to buy the land he currently farms.  The vast majority of local people do not have more than 2-3 acres of land.  The poorest people must sharecrop on the land they use.