San Jose Partners

We are a sustainable community development project out of the University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine and we are glad you have found us!  Our Department has partnered with a rural community in Southwest Honduras called San Jose San Marcos de la Sierra.  We started working with this community in 2005 and have made great strides improving the health of the local population through a collaborative approach to rural development.  Although we are physicians by training, much of our efforts in San Jose are non-medical in nature.  For the San Jose community members, lack of safe water and under-nutrition cause more ill health than does their limited access to curative health care.  We realize this and create solutions to address the problems, even when the solutions are outside our comfort zone.  We are constantly updating this web site as things change.  Check back often.

image01 image01 image01 image01 healthy girl from San Jose
As you peruse our site, if you are as excited by our work as we are, please consider supporting us financially. We encourage you to visit our Donate page.  Even if you cannot financially support our efforts in San Jose at this time, consider doing all your Amazon shopping through our link to Amazon.  By clicking on our Amazon link, 4% of your purchase price is donated by Amazon to San Jose Partners.  That 4% donation costs you nothing, Amazon pays it.

For those who want more details on philosophy and project-specific information, visit the following link.